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Toronto Corporate Car Service

In Toronto, airport rental cars are way more than costly than renting car anywhere from the city. The story is never the same as Toronto Corporate Car Service offer their services in a much cheaper price than any other company. Toronto is not the capital of Canada but still one of the most active cities. This place has much to offer whether it is to visit Nigeria Falls, Nightlife or any other attractions. We are the most reliable and efficient car rental service in Toronto. We rent cars for personal and business purposes too. We know the value of time and respect our customer’s schedule. Others have online booking option but why to waste 10 minutes while you can do this just giving us a call. Our procedure is very easy. You have to let us know the time and location to pick you up anywhere in the city and we will reach their 10 minutes before time. We take 10 minutes extra to avoid anything which could result in being late.

You have the flexibility to choose the car from available categories. Customers can book it on our website by filling a form or can directly give us a call. You have to select the location, time and date. You are free to take our service anywhere in Toronto. You can make us know the arrival time of your flight and our 30 minute shuttle service will reach there. It is not a simple process to book car from anywhere but we are the only car rental service in Toronto that will reach you anywhere in city. We accept cash payments but you can pay online if you want. Money if the last thing we are concerned of. Our main objective is customer should be at ease and reach his place quickly. We allot you car as you give an order and make sure everything.

Reasons to choose us-
1. Courteous Driver toronto car rental service
Our team is amicable that ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We check the background and all the minute details about our staff before giving them a job in our company. They have more than 7 years of experience as a car driver and are always polite.

2. Variety of Car - We believe in execution with perfection. That is why you can choose your brand that suits you the most in terms of cost, quality and fleet quality. All cars in our Arsenal are clean and you would feel good while taking our services. You can hire a SUV, cargo van, etc. We will check the car you need to make it available. Even if you are travelling with children we have many child units that are added in cars. We also have Limousines in Luxury brands.

3. Transparent Billing - As I have already told. Our customers are free to take payments online or give them in person to the car driver. We give the bill that clearly indicates the number of miles you have travelled from one location to the other.

4. Discounts - We offer discounts if you are renting car for travelling around the city, honeymoon and even if you are travelling in a group. The ranges of discount vary with the distance.

5. Low Fare - cheap car rental in toronto We are most respected car rental service in Toronto due to our quality service in the most reasonable prices. It is a well known fact that car rental services in Toronto are very expensive and unlike others we have affordable prices that guarantees your satisfaction.

6. Fast - Toronto is very busy and it is always difficult to reach in time. We have 4 offices spread in Toronto that makes it easy for us to be always punctual. The two main location Pearson Airport and Nigeria falls takes us 15 minutes to reach there. We concentrate on economy car rentals but if you need high class cars you are at the right place. We usually offer minivans if you are travelling with family within a city. You can read testimonial given by our customers online to be sure of our services. The airport service will cost you much more than you thought of. We are the people’s choice here that has cheap services with cars in very good condition. Others might claim to offer you low fare services but to maintain quality is entirely different thing. You can rely on us as we take care of everything. It is our responsibility to take care of our customers.

Secret Behind our Low rates - We have the best fares in city and are not scared to publish it in our site. The reason behind it is simple. Al of our vehicles is in good conditions and fuel efficient that don’t need big administration. Operational costs of other car rental service are higher than us which make them charge more money from customers. You have to send a inquiry by filling a form that will include the model type and your trip details. As soon as we get your inquiry, we will send it back to you giving surety within 30 minutes of receiving this request. We keep our vehicles in good condition to reduce the price.

Personal Rentals - Toronto Corporate Car Service has the best personal car rental service in Toronto. It is not our business to care about the reason behind your rental whether it is for vacation or daily use but we care about your comfort and offer the best car in lowest prices.

We will receive you at the airport. The driver will have a placard having your name on it and wearing the dress that has our company logo. We schedule your vehicle ready when the order is confirmed either by telephone or on our website.

You will be taken at one of our office which is just 12 minutes away from Pearson Airport. We will keep ready all the paperwork required and all other formalities while you can enjoy soft-drinks in our office. Our work is your satisfaction. That is why we offer extra services without any charge. You might be new to the city that is why all the personal rental cars are GPS enabled. You might have kids with you. We have baby chairs of different ages which would be fitted at the time of handing car over to you.

It would be good if you mention that in inquiry because the demand is high in summers. You can select any model and in case you have whole family travelling with you we will advise you to take minivans that is ideal up to eight people. We advise our customers to take collision damage waiver and drive without any worry.

Special Offers

Toronto Car ServiceThere are many offers we give to our regular clients. We are more structured and you can save more money by becoming our registered member. It is simple. You would be given some discount even on your first rental. In vacations, you would be on our priority list and all other benefits and additional services will be given to you without charging you a penny. We will put your name on our newsletter subscribers which will keep you updated with latest offers. If you rent car frequently, you will get awarded with reward points every time you take our service and once you accomplish 50 points, you can have a tour for free.

Last Minute rental

Sometimes it happens you need car rental at the last moment. No problem. We will reach to you as soon as you contact us. We cannot assure you the type of car you will get but try to keep your priority in our list. Unlike others, we do not charge high for last minute call but instead we give 5% discount. This is a new policy which is introduced by us.

Corporate Rate

You might be coming Toronto for business meeting and we comprehend the complexity demanded by a businessman. Business needs a capable and suitable transportation with fine travel planning. Toronto Corporate Car Rental do not only give corporate special price but handle with better attitude. Depending on your package, you will soar up in our priority and we do all the booking and reservation arrangements. We offer special bonus program to you and other members of your company. We will do whatever is possible to maintain a good business relationship. You can trust us when it comes to renting a car in cheap prices anywhere in Toronto. If you or your business has special demands we would be glad to discuss it. It could be the better vehicle, business variation or any other thing that matters you. If you are a corporate, let us know in advance and can end up saving 30% of your money. We believe in business to business relationships with corporate clients. You are not the only one who will get benefit from it; any other member of your company will also get advantage of it. We respect your time and quality with excellent services at Toronto Car Rental. If you are book us at Airport we will make sure to take you just after you flight to avoid any inconvenience. While submitting an inquiry either at telephone or website, let us know you are corporate so that we can offer you other free additional services. Once you become our registered member, you will receive the following:

Our Top Priority whenever booking car. Special rental discounts in every season. Every time you hire a car, reward points would be added into your account. Newsletter – Publish via email. Many more advantages. We give you flexibility to choose Mini, Compact, Economy, Luxury or SUV, convertible, Hybrids, one-way rental and Long term rental cars. You can also select Limousines and Cabs at much lower price. We have some car collection of previous times. So, if you want to taste experience of 60’ Toronto, we will make these cars available to you as well.

Unlike others, we do not charge you more if you rental it and get late up to 6 hours. People always have good experience with us. We will give you map of the city and make familiar with all the major attractions, nightlife, Lounge and restaurants. French is mostly spoken here other than English. Our team is well expert in English as well as in French to help you out. Rental car is not make customers happy but our strong customer service is the main reason behind our every customer’s smile.

Our Testimonials

Josephine Gonzales on 23.01.2014
They receive me at the airport. They had my name on the placard. I was all alone and tired. Despite late arrival of my flight and last minute call they were on time. Their service keeps me replenished.

Amanda Miller on 08.01.2014
I had to wait no time to rent a car and the manager at the office cleared everything I was skeptical about. Great service!!

Marta Pawelzoneyk on 25.12.2013
I have been travelling and renting cars in different cites of the world since the past 14 years bit they are the best. The staff was very intelligent.

Nancy Verma on 8.12.2013
This was my first experience with Toronto Car rental and I have absolutely no complaints. Free water bottles were their courtesy.

Dimitir Hernandez on 15.11.2013
Thanks for the discount. I thought it is going to be very expensive but they astonish me with their rates.

Sare Demirer on 12.11.2013
I always have positive experience with from them. The shuttle is very efficient and professional and I always feel welcome. They are my first choice and will always remain. As we promise, taking our service is your choice and delivering it to your expectations is our responsibility. Whatever be the purpose you can rely on Toronto Corporate Car Rental Service. Our cars are spacious and give maximum comfort. In luxury brands we have three different types of limousines. The seating capacity is 3-4 passengers and we also have Lincoln Stretch Limousines which in which 10 peoples can easily sit.